Spend Less to Buy Xpino’s Internet Data then Earn Income Monthly


Why spend a lot on buying data when you can actually buy and earn from the Xpino Media Network while using their customized MTN Data?

It is very easy to buy our MTN Data packages.  The most preferred method is bank transfer.



There are two types of Mtn Data. Direct and SME

Direct lasts for just one month while SME lasts for 30-90 days.

Data cost via bank transfer is shown below:

▶500MB (SME)   ➡    N350

▶1GB (SME)    ➡    N600

▶2GB (SME)    ➡    N1200

▶ 5GB  (SME)            ➡  N2850



Send the amount for the required data to any of the account numbers shown below:

GTB: 0241598068 (Precious Ikpoza)
SKYE: 3010324961 (Precious Ikpoza)
ACCESS:  0000694597 (Precious Ikpoza);  WEMA: 0233867368 (Precious Ikpoza)
FIRSTBank: 3018549691 (Betty Popoola);

Then send an sms or WhatsApp message to 09064851978 or 08075713944; stating the amount paid, MTN account number to be loaded, name of owner and specific data size needed.

(We send data to customers in a jiffy)

However, if you do not have access to internet banking or the bank is too far from you, you can buy data via MTN recharge cards. The amount is shown below:

▶500MB (SME)   ➡    N400

▶1GB (SME)   ➡    N700

▶2GB (SME)   ➡    N1300

▶ 5GB  (SME)            ➡  N3100

▶ 5GB  (DIRECT)      ➡  N2950


We have provisions for those who like to pay in advance (into their wallets) so as to get data at just a click of fingers.

Place your orders now!


Also, you can earn some nice income when you join the Xpino MTN Data Vendor Group. Just click the image shown below if you like to register. You will be glad you did.


register here



Option A: Online / bank payment


▶500MB   ➡   N400

▶1GB     ➡   N700

▶2GB   ➡   N1400

▶3GB  ➡  N2050

▶4GB   ➡   N2700

▶5GB  ➡  N3350

▶10GB  ➡  N6600



▶1.5GB     ➡   N1000

▶3.5GB  ➡  N2000

▶7GB   ➡   N3450


Glo Data Plans  (3G/4G)

▶1.6GB   ➡   N1000

▶3.75GB   ➡   N1950

▶5GB  ➡  N2350

▶6GB  ➡  N2800

▶8GB  ➡  N3700

▶12GB  ➡  N4600

▶16GB  ➡  N7300

▶30GB  ➡  N13600

▶45GB  ➡  N16300



Option B: Payment via VTU or MTN Recharge Card to 09064851978


▶500MB   ➡   N450

▶1GB     ➡   N800

▶2GB   ➡   N1500

▶3GB  ➡  N2150

▶4GB   ➡   N2800

▶5GB  ➡  N3450

▶10GB  ➡  N6700



▶1.5GB     ➡   N1100

▶3.5GB  ➡  N2100

▶7GB   ➡   N3550



Glo Data Plans  (3G/4G)

▶1.6GB   ➡   N1100

▶3.75GB   ➡   N2050

▶5GB  ➡  N2450

▶6GB  ➡  N2900

▶8GB  ➡  N3800

▶12GB  ➡  N4700

▶16GB  ➡  N7400

▶30GB  ➡  N13700

▶45GB  ➡  N16400



To check your data balance

MTN >> *461  *6# or *461 *2#

Etisalat >> *229 *9# or *228#

GLO >> *127 *0#

AirTel >> *140#

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