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How to fund wallet via Interswitch/ATM Card


1. Log in to your dashboard. Under your wallet balance click DEPOSIT

Amount to Deposit :*
Choose how you will pay :*

3. Under CHOOSE HOW TO PAY pick ‘ATM Card’

4. Click PROCEED

5. It will take you to a new page, choose PAY NOW

6. It will then take you to https://webpay.interswitchng.com/paydirect/pay. Fill the required details. Your CVV is the three digits at the back of your ATM card. (Relax, its safe. For over four years now I have not have issues using this. Interswitch handles all ATMs in the country so your secret is safe with them)

7. Click PAY NOW

8. Expect OTP on your registered phone number. Enter it.

9. Congrats, you have just funded your wallet.

10. However, if you are requested to visit your finance institution it means your ATM card was not enabled for online payments. Give your bank a visit during ‘working hours’. Thanks

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